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The municipality’s associations show their dynamics: music, dance, workshops, demonstrations, sport, environment and much more.

In one of those moments in Raúl’s life, drunk with drowsiness, his hand transports us to his own birth and discovery of the world around him. Several obstacles lie ahead of him, until the moment he gives shape to another similar being and his life becomes rosy. However, the unconscious is vulnerable and too sensitive to pursue the romance of some of our most intimate desires and Raúl is brought back into his everyday reality, just like his own hand.

Once upon a time there was a scarecrow who found a turtle. Once upon a time there was a straw house that roamed the oceans. A sea of plastic and a skinny president. A lot of waste and a lumpy cod. On the sand, traces of Humanity. At the bottom of the sea, a community that reinvents itself. Palhinhas, the story of a scarecrow is an adventure through the marine universe that allows us to look at the waste accumulated at the bottom of the sea, uniting its inhabitants in the search for a common benefit.

“1,2,3, 1,2,3” – time is given for another Crescendo concert, at 11:30 am at the Solar da Música Nova Auditorium. The organization, as usual, is by the Loulé Conservatory of Music – Francisco Rosado. Crescendo, on the third Saturday of each month, are opportunities to watch the evolution of young talents at the public music school, so important for the training of young musicians but also for the mental structuring of tomorrow’s citizens.

In the Portuguese parliament, between the deputies’ benches and the tribune with members of the Government, there is, exactly in the middle of the room, a desk with nothing around it where two employees work who have the mission of transcribing everything that is said there. Through his fingers, speeches, interventions, asides, insubordination and even gestures are recorded. There are hundreds of thousands of pages that record debates, constituent assemblies, votes, advances and setbacks in social, labor and human rights. Guide for a possible country is a show created from these records, to tell the story of the last fifty years of our democracy.

These magnificent loving exchanges, of great lyrical and emotional richness, have the particularity of revealing a tormented, fragile, capricious Camus, with sometimes sexist behavior, far from the profound and serious writer we know. Casarès’ letters are a revelation. Witness a devastating sense of humor that mocks its contemporaries with joy and without any restrictions! The disenchanted philosopher and the woman of tragedy, full of love, united by their passion, in the heart of a restless Europe.

How do babies end up in the womb? What is this thread that is attached to the baby? What is your name? Is it for the baby to hold on? And me, how was I born? These and other questions are part of the child’s curiosity. A seed that grows and transforms. A heart that beats. Two arms that embrace the world. Two eyes that open and a song that is heard. It is the string of life, the string that tells your story and ours and that accumulates stories from other lives. This cord has no end.

BRIEF INTRODUCTION “Together we are stronger than apart.” A Dog, a Cat, a Rooster and a Donkey take us to a theatrical show based on the Grimm brothers’ tale, entitled “The Bremen Musicians”. The project seeks to explore the themes of Good and Evil, Justice and Injustice, Old Age and Weakness, Hope and Union in the Fight for Freedom, present in the German fable. dreams, we need to be together.