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This exhibition explores the affinities between gastronomy and art, having as protagonists the best Portuguese chefs and plastic artists, who focus on their culinary and artistic works a dialogue inspired by the canning industry. From “Eat & Art”, which is part of the CAN THE CAN project, a book and a set of 18 works of art were born, with the theme of the canning industry and 18 dishes, using a Portuguese canned food product. The initiative explores the creative component of two apparently distant activities, but united by common elements throughout history, evoking and celebrating this connection between the taste of preserves and art, meeting again, in this exhibition at the Portimão Museum, in the space where used an old cannery.

An exhibition on maritime themes, it evokes the figure of King D. Carlos and his strong relationship with the sea, giving special emphasis to the photographic work, carried out during trips along the Algarve coast, aboard the yacht “D. Amelia”, at the end of the 19th century. 19th and beginning of the 19th century. XX. From this oceanographic passion, and in addition to the images captured in the Algarve, it is possible to observe, among other pieces, one of his cameras and respective tripod, an on-board chair and the so-called “Botica”, a portable pharmacy used in his travels. sea, as well as one of the buoys belonging to the royal vessel. This exhibition is a pioneering initiative of the Portimão Museum, in close collaboration with the Casa de Bragança Foundation, the Maritime Museum and the Pharmacy Museum, which will reveal images from another time, of the people and landscapes of the coast and the Algarve sea. .

Inauguration Exhibition “75 days: Ukraine” It is good to share with you the exhibition “75 days: Ukraine”. The opening is scheduled for July 16, at 6 pm, at the old Portimão Lota, in the Riverside Zone. The photographs that you will find show something that is not yet finished, what you will see deserves our attention. Our routine distracts us from that attention, but it cannot make Ukraine fall by the wayside. The exhibition, more than showing, therefore appeals to reflection and awareness. If you have the chance, go there, everyone is invited. The exhibition will be open until the 16th of October.

Monday to Friday – 9 am > 3 pm. Monte Gordo Parish Council Synopsis: «ExpressArt» is a project that aims to promote young artists from the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António through the exhibition of their works in spaces available for this purpose. The objectives are to promote exhibitions with works by local artists; to value works by young artists in the county; promote a taste for art; dynamize appealing exhibitions of youth interest. It is aimed at young people who wish to demonstrate their artistic works, preferably for participants under the age of 30. As part of the Artistic and Cultural Development Axis of the Annual Plan of Activities developed by the Núcleo da Juventude, ExpressArt aims to promote and value the works of our young local artists, cultivating a taste for art and promoting appealing exhibitions of youthful interest. This project is part of a strategy to respond to the priority aspirations and needs identified among our young people. Source: http://www.cm-vrsa.pt/pt/agenda/6219/exposicao-expressart.aspx

Monday to friday 9:15 > 18:30 . Vicente Campinas Municipal Library Org.: Associação Vita Nativa (Chameleon Project) Source: http://www.cm-vrsa.pt/pt/agenda/6005/exposicao-know-o-camaleao.aspx

Monday to Friday 10h00 > 13h00 – 14h00 > 18h00 . António Aleixo Cultural Center Synopsis: “2 MARGENS, A PESCA E O MAR”, is the third edition of the multidisciplinary project in which artists from Spain and Portugal, from both sides of the border, participate, in order to make them visible and to value the activities, the landscape and heritage of the territory, which includes the Eurocity of Guadiana. This edition is dedicated to Fishing and the Sea, which for many generations have decisively influenced the way of life, economy and work of its inhabitants. Fishing arts, the sea and fish will be the protagonists of this multidisciplinary exhibition, in which Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics participate. COMMISSIONERS: Ana Feu José Conceição PARTICIPANTS: PAINTING Ana Feu Carla Mourão Elisabete Guerreiro Karina Mülher Manuela Santos Nuria Fuentes Rocio Romero Rosa Gómez Aurea Nobre SCULPTURE João Jesus (Re-Cycle) POTTERY José Conceição Nelson Martins Source: http://www.cm-vrsa.pt/pt/agenda/6288/exposicao-2-margens—a-pesca-e-o-ma.aspx

The Shack’s legendary live music is back! Enjoy live music, great food, flowing drinks, and a beautiful view. They do not accept table bookings, they operate on a first-come-first-served basis.

“Leva Leva: Litany of Portuguese fishermen” On the next July 19, at 6:30 pm, the Portimão Museum will receive the presentation of a research on fishermen in the Algarve region and the work of Michel Giacometti with this community. With its new project focused on the songs of fishermen in Portugal, the FLEE Project platform tries to combine in-depth anthropological research with a hybrid and artistic contemporary reflection on an important facet of Portuguese social and cultural history. Through working songs from the 1940s, 60s and 80s recorded in the Algarve region, the project attempts to document the history of these fishermen, the nature of their difficulties and often exploitative conditions, as well as their gradual encounter with important economic and political changes. that affected the country in the 1970s. More than directly observing fishermen, the project also investigates the birth of ethnomusicology in the country through the work of French ethnomusicologist Michel Giacometti, in a period when the country gradually began to “discover itself” and its regional cultures of a reflective way. To carry out this ambitious work, the collective will publish a book and release an LP, which will feature original archival recordings of fishermen’s songs, as well […]

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