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What is the Mediterranean Diet? The exhibition answers this question by showing its multiple dimensions: the concept of cultural space and ancient Mediterranean lifestyle, an intangible cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation and its social and religious aspects, sacred foods and their symbologies, the products of the sea and land that support a diet of excellence recognized by the WHO – World Health Organization. The central focus is the territory and the multiple heritage of Tavira, the testimonies of the presence of civilizations of Antiquity, the cultural landscapes and products of the Ria Formosa, the productions of the barrocal and the mountains, the festivities and cultural practices that underlie the choice of Tavira as a representative community of Portugal in the application of the Mediterranean Diet to Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity presented in March 2012 at UNESCO headquarters. Films produced under the transnational application are projected and a kitchen space is recreated for information and experimentation activities, learning how to prepare and prepare food and culinary traditions.

Long-term exhibition where we can see archaeological remains from interventions in various parts of the city, dated in the majority of the century. XII. In addition to these materials inside the Islamic Nucleus, visitors will be able to observe a section of the Islamic wall that protected the citadel, visit the famous “Vaso de Tavira” and watch a video on the city’s Islamic history.

The increasingly devastating effect of the weather in the mountains is obvious. 15 years have passed and the Serra is not what it was. Some houses still stand, with or without inhabitants, others have been claimed by time, and others don’t look the same. What yesterday was alive and living, today is abandoned. As a complement to tours, visits will be accompanied by photographer Luís da Cruz but also by technicians and researchers in the region. We present this large format photography exhibition, a revival in the context of a displaced mountain-range that allows both the recent past and present to be revisited. By placing them side-by-side, images of the same houses and serenities, separated by 15 years, we witness how time has become increasingly devastating and reality can be more mutable in some regions than others. The silence that lingers does not disguise the force of Nature

The photographic exhibition on Portimão – European Sport City 2019 (CED) portrays some of the remarkable moments of a program that involved the entire municipality, having attracted around 550 thousand protagonists, among practitioners, spectators, volunteers and partners. In all, there were more than 700 sporting events, around 100 training sessions and awareness-raising activities and more than 20 inclusive sports activities were promoted. All these figures contributed to the choice of Portimão as the Best European Sport City in 2019, representing this show a privileged window for an extraordinary year, of great vitality and energy, with an intense program of sporting events that have left an invaluable legacy. The selection of images, which draws a diversified portrait of CED 2019, combines the perspectives of photographers Filipe da Palma (Portimão City Council) and Miguel Veterano (Kore), with the images captured by the young André Guerreiro, Jéssica Coelho, Ana Kovdiei, Verónica Santos, Beatriz Cardoso, Jack Palmer and Ângelo Zambujo, students of the Professional Technical Course in Photography at the Professional School Gil Eanes. In the collected photographs, movement, effort, overcoming, inclusion, the spirit of unity and the desire to conquer athletes who gave their best, always bearing in mind the support of the […]

The Manuel Teixeira Gomes Secondary School group – Teatro da Caverna, was formed in the academic year 1993/94 as an extracurricular project. Integrating all students of Secondary Education who wish to experience theatrical expression, it has proved to be an important link between the school, the family and the community, since creating its own space in the cultural universe of the city of Portimão. Over the years, this project has contributed to the personal, school, civic and artistic training of young people and to the creation of a theater audience. Proof of this are the more than 20 shows presented over these 25 years of artistic activity, which, through photographs, setting notes, props, wardrobe and posters, guide the exhibition visitor through the intricacies of what was the group’s journey , in favor of education through art.

We decided to gather in the middle of the spring to celebrate life, happiness, friendship, communion with nature within ourselfs. It is in the beautiful Ria Formosa natural park, in the Ludo forest, a very special place that the meeting will take place. 🌾WHAT IS GREEN EYE GATHERING?🌾 An activity-packed weekend featuring macrobiotic food, concerts, a children’s play area and a free part devoted to crafts and therapies. Participants can stay in the wonderful Green Eye Land tipis, bring their own caravan or tent. Children under 12 do not pay. 🌾What activities can I do? 🌾 Participants should arrive friday. The activities will follow the following schedule: 29/5: 7pm: kundalini Active Osho Meditation – Patricia Viegas 30/5 8am: BREAKFAST 9am: Om Chanting – by Shambho Das 11:30am: Vinyasa yoga – by Zuzu 1pm: Lunch + free time to enjoy the place, go to the beach or do a therapy 4:30pm: Pilates – by Olga Santos 7pm: DINNER 9pm: Ecstatic Dance 31/5 8am: BREAKFAST 9am: Flow Yoga – by Sara soldado 11am: Acroyoga – by Filipe Santos (Flip) 1pm: LUNCH 3pm: Ayurvedic Massage Workshop – by Sara Soldado 5pm: Sound Healing Journey – by Johnny Whit (Kior) 🌾What is the value? […]

“Water flows through streams just as energy flows through our bodies. Chakras are like the various wells where water flows, wells of spiraling energy in our bodies. When we open the way, energy flows, as does water. Each energy well has a purpose and can be blocked by a specific type of waste – emotional blockage. The Secret to the health of the mind and body is not to regret the past, not to worry about the future and not to anticipate concerns; Yes, not to live the present moment wisely and seriously, with humility and acceptance. In this Workshop, the relationship of the chakras (energy centers), with the state of health in general, and the connection with each organ in particular will be addressed. In order to identify and recognize each energy center and acquire knowledge for its proper functioning. Program: – What is Bioenergy – The Multidimensional Being – Subtle bodies and dimensions – The chakras – location and description of the function of each – Energy block symptoms and associated pathologies – Meditation, with breathing techniques – Energetic alignment with Mantras and Mudras Facilitator: Maria Raquel Registration call (+351) 282101174 / (+351) 931724869

Albufeira’s best sunset boat party sets sail every Saturday from May till September from 6pm-9pm. The first boat party of 2020 sets sail on Saturday 23rd May till end of September! We have special guest djs on board, free shots and champagne sprays as well as a fully licensed bar on board selling drinks and snacks and the boat stops for those brave enough to jump in! Stand up paddles available on board! Tickets include: Transport to and from Vilamoura Marina (from Albufeira) set sail 6pm till 9pm 2 free drinks on board 1 free drink the afterparty Free club entry Limited spaces available and sells out quickly. early booking advisable. Enquire now for group prices. hello@veryintopartying.com

How exactly do you want to be touched? How do you know? Is it your mind answering? Is it a habitual desire? A patterned response to the idea of receiving? How is the touch we give and receive different when we relax cerebral processes, connect to our corporeal wisdom and let the body speak its desires for itself? In this simple yet potent experience we will explore the art of touch through the practice of following the body’s unique wisdom and pleasure. We will explore with great intention, reverence and compassion what happens when we give and receive touch while in authentic, embodied desire. We will learn the foundations of attentive and present touch, and the beautiful places it may be able to take us. Pre-booking required. — This workshop is offered to all genders, sexual orientations and relationship statuses who want to evolve their skill of touch and connection to their body. However, if you want to come as a couple and practice only with your partner, this will be supported. The exercises in this workshop will NOT include full nudity or bare skin genital touch. However, they might include intimate touch within your boundaries, as well as partial […]

Do you want a new way to have fun in this isolation ??? #EuGameEmCasa Live Stream tournaments are available at Dr.Why where you can participate and win prizes. What to do for those who have never played and to register for the tournament? 1 – Register at drwhyquiz.com or through the Dr. Play application on Google Play 2 – To participate send a message to the Torneio-InterDistrital-AlgarveCoimbraSantarém page (enjoy and please and follow) to receive the conditions of participation and the registration form where everything is explained. 3- Bring the family together at home, put a mobile phone in a quiz38 game and watch the LiveStream on the page of the Tournament-InterDistrital-AlgarveCoimbraSantarém or through the channel on Twitch

An ethereal, dreamlike and romantic journey where poetry and music are the guiding thread. A show in which we will try to awaken the various senses to surprise and please you. We will talk about love, life, Portugal. “On the banks of this river or on the banks of that, There is no false happiness, as long as it lasts it is true. “