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This exhibition explores the affinities between gastronomy and art, having as protagonists the best Portuguese chefs and plastic artists, who focus on their culinary and artistic works a dialogue inspired by the canning industry. From “Eat & Art”, which is part of the CAN THE CAN project, a book and a set of 18 works of art were born, with the theme of the canning industry and 18 dishes, using a Portuguese canned food product. The initiative explores the creative component of two apparently distant activities, but united by common elements throughout history, evoking and celebrating this connection between the taste of preserves and art, meeting again, in this exhibition at the Portimão Museum, in the space where used an old cannery.

An exhibition on maritime themes, it evokes the figure of King D. Carlos and his strong relationship with the sea, giving special emphasis to the photographic work, carried out during trips along the Algarve coast, aboard the yacht “D. Amelia”, at the end of the 19th century. 19th and beginning of the 19th century. XX. From this oceanographic passion, and in addition to the images captured in the Algarve, it is possible to observe, among other pieces, one of his cameras and respective tripod, an on-board chair and the so-called “Botica”, a portable pharmacy used in his travels. sea, as well as one of the buoys belonging to the royal vessel. This exhibition is a pioneering initiative of the Portimão Museum, in close collaboration with the Casa de Bragança Foundation, the Maritime Museum and the Pharmacy Museum, which will reveal images from another time, of the people and landscapes of the coast and the Algarve sea. .

“DE POLO TO POLO” EXHIBITION, by the La Caixa Foundation Patent from June 14th to July 17th Location: Avenida dos Descobrimentos (opposite the Lagos Courthouse) Free access From the Arctic to the Antarctic, we want to show you some of the most spectacular natural spaces on Earth, many of which are known as hotspots, terrestrial ecoregions recognized for their high biodiversity, high level of endemic species (that only live there) and that are seriously threatened by human activity. . More than half of the world’s plant species and more than a third of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians inhabit just 2.3% of the earth’s surface, most of them in the tropics, habitats that are being rapidly destroyed. The loss of biodiversity is alarming and increasing at a rate never seen before. According to Conservation International, 38 hotspots have currently been identified worldwide. Although these areas once covered approximately 16% of the Earth’s land surface, currently, 86% of their habitat has been destroyed. This traveling exhibition aims to show the beauty and diversity of the planet’s natural spaces, as well as their threats and create a space for reflection on the effects of the high rate of species extinction and the […]

TALKS “BEYOND THE VISIBLE WORLD – THE LANGUAGE OF COLORS” July 2, 9, 16 and 23 | 11 am Location: Lagos Cultural Center Org.: Archaeosophical Association Free entry July 2 – Beyond the visible world July 9 – The language of colors July 16 – The Astral World July 23 – The Three Ego Principles

Breathwork Journey Many of us move through life weighed down by emotions that haven’t been expressed, grief in our hearts, or trauma that hasn’t been processed- whether our own or passed down from our ancestors. These things create layers over your truth and potential preventing you from living your life ALL IN. The good news is that you can tap into the healing wisdom of your body and release these layers through the power of your breath. This potent Breathwork practice safely activates your sympathetic nervous system for deep lasting healing. Working somatically this tool is the best way to move energy and tap into your deep subconscious, allowing your body to let go of stuck energy and trauma. The RESET Breathwork method is a guided 3-part active meditation practiced laying on your back, done to a carefully curated playlist. As you breathe, you will be coached by Izabella for the whole journey, which will be curated around the theme we’re working with. Emotions that have been buried deep will have the opportunity to be safely discharged. This transformational practice will get you out of your own head and into your heart— leaving you feeling light, calm, grounded, and blissed […]

MOVEMENT WORKSHOP End of Year Show FINAL 2021/22 SAT. 16 JULY // 16:00/21:00 Tickets: 10€ Duration: 90′ // M/3 It is a show presented by the students of Atelier do Movimento, for families and the general public. We can watch Classical Ballet choreographies in different age groups from three years old to adults, Oriental Dance, Tap, Sevillanas, Contemporary Dance among others. This presentation celebrates all the commitment and dedication of these students and the culmination of another academic year. COMMUNITY Interpreters: Students of Atelier do Movimento // Promoter: Atelier do Movimento

Inauguration Exhibition “75 days: Ukraine” It is good to share with you the exhibition “75 days: Ukraine”. The opening is scheduled for July 16, at 6 pm, at the old Portimão Lota, in the Riverside Zone. The photographs that you will find show something that is not yet finished, what you will see deserves our attention. Our routine distracts us from that attention, but it cannot make Ukraine fall by the wayside. The exhibition, more than showing, therefore appeals to reflection and awareness. If you have the chance, go there, everyone is invited. The exhibition will be open until the 16th of October.

The Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library will once again promote the “Blue Summer” in July, which in 2022 will celebrate the centenary of the birth of the only Portuguese Nobel Prize in Literature, under the motto “Heirs of Saramago pass the witness”. Four writers were invited to share conversations with the public at Jardim 1º de Dezembro. They are writers awarded the prestigious José Saramago Literary Prize, who will pass on their testimony to writers who have not yet obtained this honorable recognition. The agenda is as follows: July 9 – Afonso Reis Cabral invites João Pedro Vala; July 16 – Bruno Vieira Amaral invites Frederico Pedreira; July 23 – João Tordo invites Maria Francisca Gama; and July 30th – Valter Hugo Mãe invites Manuel Jorge Marmelo. Curated and moderated by Carlos Vaz Marques, author of the television documentary series “Herdeiros de Saramago”, the meetings scheduled for the four Saturdays in July will always start at 6:30 pm and are open to all interested parties. Through this initiative, which takes place in the particularly stimulating environment of a garden and is entitled “Verão Azul”, a title inspired by the book “Agosto Azul” by Manuel Teixeira Gomes, the Municipality of Portimão […]