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Photography Exhibition Sagres Promontory [Sep 10 👉 Oct 4] Bishop’s Village, The extreme southwest of Europe. For a long time I called it the “Last Border Post”. A unique climate and landscape, a different and dichotomous Algarve, a point of passage, of visit, occasionally of fixation. Among those who stay here we find a little from all over the world. This project is a portrait of that special world and about a unique period in our lives. About the peace that some kids I met when I was 11 years old helped me find at the last border post where I lived. With everything that matters to me, family, and what we’ve learned to call home, space is so central to our well-being. Today, and looking back over the three years I lived here, it is with gratitude that I keep the memories of the places, the emptiness of the confinements and the joy of returning to normality. village of Bishop will always be all that. And those amazing kids and the stories they shared with me. I will always be grateful. Jorge F. Marques, I was born in 1973. I didn’t get to photography early, but I took the […]

“LAGOS, THE LAST STOP” EXHIBITION Patent from July 30th to December 30th | Tuesday to Saturday (10h00-18h00) Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Exhibition hall 1, 2 and 3 Org.: CM Lagos and National Railway Museum Foundation Free entry 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the train in Lagos. To mark the date, the municipality prepared a series of activities that include a photo-documentary exhibition at the Centro Cultural de Lagos, in partnership with the Fundação Museu Nacional Ferroviário, integrating images, historical documents, objects alluding to the activity, testimonies of former railway workers and users, among many other elements. Guided tours (September 24th, October 5th, November 1st and December 1st) by appointment: cultura@cm-lagos.pt

Portugal a Dançar is a competition that travels across the country in search of the greatest dance talents and which, in close proximity to local communities, allows all those who aspire to a career in this area to see their work properly valued, recognized and publicized.

It’s a gathering that brings together dance lovers from all over the world, with a spirit of love and awareness, to whom dance is a free form of expression and meditation. It takes place in Awakeland in Monchique, South Portugal.

DJ CHEAP SATURDAY the 24th! The party that marks the end of a cycle full of unforgettable moments of fun!* Our friend DJ BARATA invites DJ SUAVII to play at ClubVida for the first time! Join this cast, let’s make history! Come early! Ladies €5 until 2am!! VIP cabins -Up to 8 people €450 includes 2 premium bottles. (3 available) -Up to 12 people €600 includes 3 premium bottles (1 available) Info/reservations: 918820098 (whatsapp) * After tonight they will be temporarily closed.

On the weekend of September 24th and 25th, TVCine Channels present the first edition of TVCine FEST, the first festival that celebrates television premieres in Cinema. This is a unique opportunity to see acclaimed films and series for the first time on the big screen – from the first episode of the fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale to the horror comedy Estúdio 666, starring the Foo Fighters, to the Portuguese premiere of the latest film by Denzel Washington or the new chapter of the saga The Purge. For a symbolic price of €5 per day ticket, valid for all sessions, spectators will be supporting Casa do Artista, in an initiative that also has a strong component of support for culture and artists in Portugal. More information at www.tvcinefest.pt TVCine FEST poster September 24th 1 pm – Bull 3pm – The Jesuit 5pm – Billy The Kid T1, Ep.1 7pm – Studio 666 9pm – The Purge: Goodbye America September 25th 1 pm – Help 3pm – Mainstream 5pm – A Diary for Jordan 7pm – Shirley 9pm – The Handmaid’s Tale T5, Ep. 1

Enjoy live music in our beautiful lakeside restaurant. To reserve a table, contact us at +351 289 394 911 or casadolago@quintadolago.com

Immersed in pyramidal energetic geometry, comfortably reclining participants receive a holistic treatment through crystal sound vibration and the copper pyramid exposed over the heart chakra. The physical and subtle bodies benefit from a holistic treatment and in the area covered by the pyramid a dynamic energy flow is generated and intensified, transforming and releasing blockages. Among several health benefits, the relaxing, energizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cell regenerating and immunoprotective effect of the organs stands out, strengthening the immune system. The pyramidal treatment focuses on the heart chakra with connection to the lungs, bronchi, heart, thymus gland, respiratory and immune systems. Chakras are energy centers responsible for absorbing and redistributing vital energy through the meridians to the organs, revitalizing the body and its systems. The existence of blockages causes the organs to become ill, as they do not receive the energy they need for their proper functioning. There are several causes that contribute, but certain types of thoughts and emotions are decisive. The heart chakra, when open and in harmony, there is a feeling of oneness, of love as a healing energy, that permeates everything, that everything IS. In this plan, the process of integrating matter with the spirit develops, as it […]