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José Luis Montón is one of the great Spanish guitarists of our time. Completely rooted in Flamenco, his great sensitivity and musicality lead him to venture into very particular territories, from the interpretation of classical themes to the flamenco style, as happened recently with the edition of his album Flamenco & Clássica. His guitar technique has all the mastery of a great performer, with a rare lightness and subtlety, without ever losing the great energy of Flamenco. https://www.joseluismonton.com/biografia As a guitarist and composer, he is also dedicated to teaching the flamenco guitar and promoting the style and has received several prestigious awards such as the Barcelona and Nimes Competitions, the “Copa Teatro Pavón” from the Círculo de Bellas Artes, the award for best music at the “Choreographic Certamen” by Teatro Albéniz or the “Premio de la Música”, together with violinist Ara Malikian. With his guitar he toured the great stages of the world and artists of the stature of Carmen Linares, Mayte Martin, Ara Malikian, Rosalía, Miguel Poveda, Pitingo, María Toledo, Antonio Canales, Javier Ruibal or Clara Montes, among others, participate in his projects.

On the 18th of November, we received the Suricata and Trinchax to close the night, a night that marks the first event of Associação Cultural Algarve ao Vivo, come and support what is done in the Algarve.

Viviane New intimate CD Appetizer Audience €12 member 8€

In order to support authorial musical projects produced and/or managed by women, in order to promote gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls in the artistic world. The selected artists are mostly from the Algarve, and promise to make us travel from the traditional Portuguese roots to the fusion of the rhythms of the world, emphasizing that a woman’s place is wherever she wants. The concerts take place in the Main Hall of the Ginásio Clube de Tavira headquarters, at 9:30 pm. Nov 12 – Femme Falafel 19 nov – Orphelia ********* Femme Falafel (aka Raquel Pimpão) is a 26-year-old girl, born in Lisbon, from Caldenza at heart, passionate about disco, hip-hop, salsa and custard tarts. She uses piano, voice, and logic to pull out the deepest bitterness from under the glaciers of conscience. She makes the emotions rhyme to seem more legitimate and serves it on a plate seasoned with sarcasm and coriander so it won’t be seen with the naked eye. She thinks of herself as a classy blunderer and her artistic aim is the praise of foolishness. After all, fatality is not her forte. ********* Orfélia is the project of Antera and Filipe Mattos, […]

Concert with the band Psychles who consider themselves a Punk / Grunge / Love band. Nothing better than showing up at the event to confirm.

“Musician Marco Santos presents his album Evocations in a live concert. Marco is a musician of vast predispositions, a virtuoso multi-percussionist, an inspired pianist and a visionary composer and anyone who sits in the audience can easily check these attributes. What stands out when listening to this project is the tranquility that permeates most of the themes and that sometimes refers to an almost cinematic perception of time, which contributes to a certain stability of the thematic proposals, both at a rhythmic and melodic-harmonic level. In front of us are wide spans, wide plains, large lakes and then life appears that stands out among reeds, brooms, or discreet rocky agglomerations. with new changes that are apparently innocent, but which transport the narrative to other places. We speak of a kind of nomadic immobility, something that moves slowly, as if in levitation, from landscape to landscape, which becomes unbalanced here and there with non-invasive incidents, as if to maintain the flow of a contemplative thread that never tangles. about himself. We got to have cinema, even without a physical image… And so this ship sails from port to port, without haste, always taking care of those who listen, in a commitment […]