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As part of the Commemorations of the City of Portimão, the exhibition “Planet in Fury”, by Bruno Gonçalves, is scheduled for December 11th, at 5 pm, at the Portimão Museum. An environmental engineer by profession, born in Portimão, Bruno Gonçalves aims to raise awareness of the profound and severe climate changes on a “Planet in Fury”, through images that possess unparalleled beauty, but are also very destructive. Through the eyes of a photographer of storms, volcanoes, events and severe effects, we are taken through this most intense and dramatic side, but at the same time powerful and impressive of our world. A timely exhibition that, due to the fact that we live in a global context, alerts and challenges us collectively to take an active part in the development of the necessary actions, to minimize this planetary fury and live more sustainably on our unique Planet Earth. An exhibition at the Museum of Portimão, from the 11th of December 2022 until the 19th of February 2023, which can be visited at the following times: Tuesday from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm and Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm .

As part of the Commemorations of the City of Portimão, the inauguration of the exhibition of the awarded works and the awarding of prizes to the winners of the 22nd Photographic Race of Portimão, held this year in person and online, is scheduled for December 11th, at 5:00 p.m. , at the Museum of Portimão. This initiative, organized by the Municipality and Museum of Portimão and to be inaugurated on the Day of the City, registered in the aforementioned two modalities, the registration of 131 photography lovers, not only from the Algarve, but from various parts of the Country and from 10 nationalities, giving a strong international dimension to this initiative. During the face-to-face test that took place in the Municipality of Portimão, on May 14th, the participants had the opportunity to register, through a current look and their creativity, 3 photographs on each of the 8 themes proposed and delivered throughout the day, on cultural and natural heritage, experiences, people and environments of Portimão. Despite the return of this 22nd Photographic Race in the face-to-face format in Portimão, this year it was also intended to maintain and expand online participation, as in the last 2 years of the pandemic. […]

Praça do Mar Art Gallery – Quarteira 10 december 18h00 Inauguration of the Collective Exhibition “The waterline and the design of the sea” by Christine Henry Milita Doré Rúben Gonçalves Tiago M.C. de Sousa Vasco Marum. Curated by Miguel Cheta This exhibition stems from an invitation to five visual artists, having as its starting point “With your feet on the land and your hands in the sea.”, another permanent exhibition in Quarteira, which addresses the temporal arc of the last 6000 years, revealing all the layers and changes experienced in the place where we find this city today. If in the second exhibition mentioned we are heading towards the past, in this one, the artists future this same territory and work issues related to the environmental challenges that we will have to face. taught, the future holds great changes for us. Life? Will have to adapt. from 10 December 2022 to 04 February 2023 tuesday to saturday 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00

The II JA Artistic Contest is taking place, which rewards the Writing and Illustration of young people from the municipality of Albufeira, natural or residents/students, between 14 and 35 years old. We decided to extend the deadline for delivery of works until February 15 (another month). Considering the importance of this initiative in promoting a taste for the arts and local talent, I strongly request your support in publicizing and encouraging young people to participate. The theme is free and each participant can submit a work (writing or illustration) to the competition. I enclose the Form, Regulation and Poster, grateful for your esteem and commitment.

[Mediation | Multidisciplinary] Artistic Residency: Emerging Conversations, by Companhia Caótica January 30th to February 3rd ••• ••• ••• The month of January ends with another artistic residency, this time with “Conversas Emergentes”. Plano Nacional das Artes and Companhia Caótica come together for conversations / regional laboratories that, throughout the “Culture and Education” Biennale, will travel the country to take the pulse of creation and programming of performing arts for children and youth, in each region of Portugal.

Every wednesday, nights at O Castelo are at #LATINO rhythm

The Ridiculous Letters of Senhor Fernando and the Lyrical Sighs of Miss Ofélia 24 JAN. on 3 FEB. To have. on here. 3pm / Fri. and Sat. 21:30 / Sun. 4 pm The Ridiculous Letters of Senhor Fernando and the Lyrical Sighs of Miss Ofélia from ACTA – The Algarve Theater Company. Tickets: €10; <30 and >65 – €7.50; Schools – 5€ Duration: 70′ // M/12 Tickets: https://teatrolethes.bol.pt It is a dramatization of some of the correspondence exchanged between Fernando Pessoa and Ofélia Queiroz. Other texts are added to that correspondence, by Fernando Pessoa and also by the director himself. It is taken as a dramaturgical assumption that Mr. Fernando knows what he is doing while the girl Ofélia is entangled in the inconsequential idyll of an unrequited passion. In Senhor Fernando there is a rationality with experiential objectives that aim to serve his obsessive and obstinate poetic production, while in Miss Ofélia there is an unreflected participation as a design of destiny. In it, existence is fulfilled with a sense of tragic becoming; there is an incident that gives an unexpected density to his routine and ordinary life.

Quiz night tonight Join them from 7:30pm for some light hearted quizzing! Your QuizMaster Jonathan is a bit under the weather today so you have Stand-In-QuizMaster Nathan Categories for tonight: New Year General Knowledge New Year Traditions It Happened in January Classic Movie Quotes

Duration: 45 minutes Age rating: >6 The FENO project emerges from research that addresses rural life and the haymaking process which is divided into three phases: cutting, drying and baling. By exposing patterns at work, 6 interpreters reflect on the consequences of our actions towards others. The work comes to reflect on responsibility and tasks that are divided by a subconscious formatted by the process of that same life, crossing the circus with rural everyday life.

Poetry at the End of the Day The “Poesia ao Fim do Dia” Project is an initiative to promote poetry, poetic reading, interaction between the public, the reader, the book and poetry. Each month the Library receives a different guest who reads/declaims poetry of their choice, not limited to the simple reading of poems but also the presentation of some facts/curiosities about the chosen authors. Recipients: general public